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The qualities of a Salesforce integrator.

The integrator is the third party that makes the link between the business needs of the company and the CRM tool. The integrator fulfills many missions to ensure that the company adheres to and uses the tool in an optimal way.

An integrator is first and foremost a company that proposes the consultant(s) in charge of configuring and training the various end users. It is important to make sure that the consultants who support you in the automation of your process are certified, or even multi-certified.

Certifications are a good way to judge the general skills of the company in charge of the CRM integration.

Beyond the technical aspect, there is the human aspect, the consultant(s) chosen for the implementation will be present in the company on a regular basis to perform their tasks. Workshops to gather requirements, meetings to improve the process, handling tickets, are all cases where good collaboration is required. Making sure you work with consultants who know how to listen to your needs and business specifics is an important aspect of your project's success. Choose an integrator for whom each client is a separate entity that we support in an adapted manner.

The consultants finally become members of your team. No manager would hire an employee for his or her technical skills alone. The same logic applies to the choice of an integrator and its consultants. Thus, choosing an integrator that is in line with your company's values is an important element.


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