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Being a Salesforce partner.

Salesforce Partner Consultants are companies that meet specific criteria that allow them to sell and develop Salesforce software, so they can offer:

  • Custom solutions.

  • Project implementations

  • And integration.

They help companies that have chosen Salesforce, and can draw on the huge Salesforce community, to complete each of their projects.

Partners are also active members because they can imagine applications that bring new functionalities to the CRM. Their own use brings an additional richness, helping to adapt to each new customer with ever greater precision.

Being a Salesforce partner means embracing and promoting the strong values that are the foundation of a company with global reach:

  • Trust.

  • Customer success.

  • Innovation.

  • Equality.

  • Sustainability.

Finally, being a Salesforce partner means enriching an already diverse community in terms of resources and know-how. It means having access to the latest technologies in terms of cloud computing. And it means having the capacity and skills to offer the best solutions to each of your customers.


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