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A CRM adapts to your company, not the other way around.

The purpose of automating your process is to adapt a new tool to your company in order to improve its productivity. Thus, in no case should your company bend to the CRM that you want to use. You should not make any concessions on the automation of the different branches of your company. The implementation must be total if you want it to be effective, sustainable and useful to all your employees.

Before an implementation, it can be interesting to review your process in order to improve it, to remove possible blocking points. However, this review of your process should not be guided by the desire to fit the needs of the CRM you are going to use, this mission is the responsibility of the consultants who will accompany you.

Finally, in order to obtain a CRM that can be adapted as closely as possible to your current process, it is advisable to go for the most complete CRMs. Cloud Ambiance is a Salesforce partner because it is currently the most comprehensive and modern CRM on the market.

Salesforce allows us to support customers in a wide variety of industries, and that's what makes each of our collaborations rich and unique. Although costly, it allows for sustainable operation and consistent development for each of our customers.


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